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Kim Kjærsgaard
Nov 19, 22

They are scammer that dont let...

They are scammer that dont let you withdraw your money. They keep pushing to invest more and more, but in the end you wont recive a penny. Last time i dealt with them i wanted out and told them i dindt want to invest in any bundle, and i made i clearly that i dindt. when i came home from job and would close my accaount they had put all of my money in a bundle and told me that i have to pay 8000$ to get them out. and that vere the major red flag appear to me. Id your ar in doubt plz read all the reviews around the world, do not trade with thse thugs.

Aug 04, 22

They are always fast to respo...

They are always fast to respond and help you solve any issues. Plus, there's a welcome bonus that is offered when you just sign up.

Mark Brown
Aug 02, 22

I like to use this trading pla...

I like to use this trading platform because it's very intuitive and it has a lot of tools available, that help with making the right decision.

Connor Black
Jul 12, 22

good platform with low spread!...

good platform with low spread! without any comission ! they also have webtrader ))and they have an amazing support team , they helped me to make verification in 10 min

United Kingdom
Jun 29, 22

they really don't have comissi...

they really don't have comission for trading !!!!! also , so good leverage 1:150 it took me less then 10 min to make verification, with so amazing support team.

Jun 23, 22

I like Globalonemarkets

I like Globalonemarkets because they offer so many trading instruments and I can trade on the go. The platform is easy to use, their customer service is helpful and their withdrawal process is fast. I'd definitely recommend them!

Jun 21, 22

This broker works great for me.

This broker works great for me. This is first time I tried trading on forex and I was surprised at how easy it is. I opened an account in about 15 minutes, and the platform is very easy, so I started trading straight away and already made my first profits.

Sara K.
Jun 15, 22

A lot of features

I trade here because there are a lot of stocks, crypto, and commodities to choose from plus features like stop loss/take profit are really helpful too.

Julien Moulin
Jun 13, 22

I use this broker to trade both stocks and crypto.

I use this broker to trade both stocks and crypto. I'd say it's very pleasant experience, cause everything is nice and intuitive, and if smth is wrong, I talk to my account manager, who helps me with everything, including trading updates.

Jun 09, 22

I enjoy trading here.

I enjoy trading here. It's very easy to use the platform and I have a personal account manager, who gives me trading signal, when smth is really important and I should open or close a certain trade. I am satisfied.

Jun 08, 22

I just started trading

I just started trading and what I like is that at Globalonemarkets they provide you with all the information and tools you need - they have a really informative forex guide for beginners and their account managers are always there to solve and explain any problems/questions you might have. Highly recommend!

Jun 05, 22

I always wanted to start trading.

I always wanted to start trading but never knew where to begin and it was difficult to find the right company that didn't charge any fees. I am glad I found this broker because it's easy to use and they have nice support team.

Klaus Mayer
Jun 02, 22

Globalonemarkets is a great broker for forex trading!

Globalonemarkets is a great broker for forex trading! I've tried so many other brokers and none of them could offer the same range of benefits as Globalonemarkets. They offer the lowest spreads, highest leverage, and best experience on their platform. I would highly recommend that anyone starting out in forex trading be on Globalonemarkets.

Apr 28, 22

I am a satisfied customer of Globalonemarkets

I am a satisfied customer of Globalonemarkets. I've never had any problems with my trading account and the support is always helpful, even during the times I'm having a little bit of trouble. The variety in deposit methods is also very convenient, as well as instant withdrawals.

Apr 27, 22

I love trading with Globalonemarkets

I love trading with Globalonemarkets. It was so easy to register, they have a great trading platform, and they are willing to offer you a lot of resources to learn about trading and don't charge additional fees for that.

Massimo Rocci
Apr 27, 22

I am glad I found Globalonemarkets

I would like to say that Globalonemarkets is the best forex trading experience I have had. They offer no trading fees and high profits with a welcome bonus and account manager. The trading strategy they offer is also great because it gives a lot of opportunities to make money with no risk. I am very glad that I found them!

Apr 26, 22

I've been trading for a few months

I've been trading for a few months now and so far I have had no troubles with this company. The withdrawal process was quick, painless, and easy to do. I would recommend Globalonemarkets to anyone who is looking for a reliable broker!

Apr 25, 22

I am a long-time customer of Globalonemarkets

I am a long-time customer of Globalonemarkets, and I have always been satisfied with their service. With the no-commission trading and the wide range of assets offered, it's hard to find a better platform than what Globalonemarkets offers.

Ava Lee
Apr 25, 22

I recommended it without doubts for all the beginners like me.

Globalonemarkets is a forex trading broker that I think is the best in its field. It has no trading fees of any kind and for people who are new to this, Globalonemarkets provides educational resources, an account manager, and a trading strategy for those just getting started. I recommended it without doubts for all the beginners like me.

Tom Schulz
Apr 21, 22

I had a wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience with Globalonemarkets. I have been trading for a while now, and this is the best online forex trading that I've ever had. My account manager, Bryce, has been there every step of the way to help me navigate the platform and really makes me feel like he wants to help me succeed. I would recommend it to anyone who is new to trading and don't know how to start!

Tomás Santos
Apr 21, 22

Globalonemarkets is one of the best forex trading platforms

I've been using the platform for over 6 months and I am thrilled with my results. From the great user interface to the excellent customer service, Globalonemarkets is one of the best forex trading platforms on the market. Its easy registration process means that you can get started as quickly as possible with no trading fees and high profits on offer. I like it!

Apr 14, 22

I am so happy with the service from Globalonemarkets

I am so happy with the service from Globalonemarkets. I have never had such a great experience trading forex and stocks before, and it's all thanks to them. I recommend them to anyone who wants to trade at a secure and reliable platform.

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Globalonemarkets offers traders around the world, a robust, and secure trading platform with multi-platform capabilities. At Globalonemarkets, we believe that reputation is key, and that is why our approach to trust-building is based on transparency, clarity, and a fast and easy deposit/withdrawal process. Committed to providing the most competitive spreads, a wide range of market opportunities, and the highest level of security, Globalonemarkets is the today's platform of choice for top trading conditions and customer service. WHY Globalonemarkets? Serving over 60 countries worldwide, Globalonemarkets has the experience and know-how to provide traders with all the tools and market insight that they need to perform successful trades. Creating a safe, secure, and user-friendly environment, Globalonemarkets’s ongoing mission is to provide traders with the best trader experience yet. High leverage – up to 1:150 Tight spreads No trading fees or commissions Speedy trade executions Multi-platform trading options – WEB, MOBILE Transparent, clear UX Cutting-edge design and functionality First-class customer service
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