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United Kingdom
Jun 29, 22

i will recommend cryptospair f...

i will recommend cryptospair for those, who want quickly made an exchange of crypto currency. sometimes loading slow, but still i never have issues with them

Jun 25, 22

Can’t complain of their sevices

Can’t complain of their sevices so far, though sometimes, loads slowly, but I’d still recomend, and the customer service is respnsive and kind,,,… they have helped me severall.😊😊😊

Jun 21, 22

Cryptospair is a great investm...

Cryptospair is a great investment for anyone who is interested in cryptocurrencies :)

Jun 20, 22

I have made profit there

Cryptospair is one of the places where I have goten decent returns on my BTC investment :). I will definitly try other cryptos they are offering. It is an easy to use platform that suits both experienced and new traders.

Rohit Sen
Jun 18, 22


For someone who is new to forex and cryptocurrency trading, I found cryptospair to be quite user-friendly. It added a lot of value and profit to my ever-expanding skill set and income. I began my adventure almost three months ago and received excellent customer service. Nonetheless, they may be late in responding, that should be considered. Overall, I was pleased with their service and would suggest that you do so as well.

tabeeda awan
Jun 15, 22

Cryptospair is a reliable platform

Cryptospair is a reliable crypto exchange trading platform. Their customer support is amazing, easy withdrawals, though sometime take time but overall good

Jun 14, 22

Cryptospair keeps you updated about crypto market saving you time

Cryptospair keeps you updated about crypto market saving you time you used to research and money from other sites that send you updates about the market. Their friendly interface makes it even more easier to trade.

May 06, 22


I was scammed I was scammed. 1st I was pressured into investing $5000 by which convinced me of a plan that they did not deliver on, instead came pressuring me to increase my amount of investment, they are liars and scammers. When asking for my money back people started ignoring me, they assigned another trader to my account again high pressure to increase the account using my own funds, still not delivering but pressuring me to invest more. Since I refuse to put more money into a company I can not trust now they have blocked me from the site I can no longer see my account and I am not able to reach anybody there. This company can not be trusted and they will steel your money. Stay clear of Cryptospair they are a scam And not to be trusted, once you put your money in this company they will not allow you to withdraw it. All they want is to keep pressuring you to keep adding money. The Canadian phone number does not work. The numbers they call you on do not not work. When you want to get a hold of these people you can’t. SCAM stay away from Cryptospair 😡😡😡

Apr 25, 22

I had never traded cryptocurrencies before

I had never traded cryptocurrencies before and was a little freaked out by all the technical jargon, but I finally got it figured out on Cryptospair. The platform is really user friendly and I managed to make my first successful trade. The customer service reps were really helpful, despite my not-so-easy questions.

Ava Lee
Apr 25, 22

I have been trading with Cryptospair for a few months now

I have been trading with Cryptospair for a few months now and I really enjoy it. The platform is very intuitive and their customer support is always prompt to respond. They are also one of the best crypto exchange platforms in the market with a good list of crypto coins and pairs to trade.

Tom Schulz
Apr 20, 22

Very intuitive and easy to use interface

Cryptospair is the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the market right now. Their user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, making trading a breeze. I've been with them for almost a year now and I have never had any problems with withdrawal or customer support. They are always fast to respond and help you solve any issues. Plus, there's a welcome bonus that is offered when you just sign up.

Toms Santos
Apr 20, 22

Cryptospair is the best crypto exchange platform

Cryptospair is the best crypto exchange platform I've ever used. It has been a pleasure to trade with them because they are so professional and take good care of their customers. They offer all the information about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency industry and have been really helpful for me when I didn't know how to start buying coins.

Apr 14, 22

I've been using Cryptospair for about a year!

I've been using Cryptospair for about a year now and it's one of the most user-friendly exchanges that I have used. The customer support is great and the platform is intuitive. It has never taken more than five minutes to withdraw any money from my account, unlike some other platforms which can take days.

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The Online Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Cryptospair is an instant cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptospair is a platform that offers access to a variety of different cryptocurrencies. Our mission is to offer our users easy and secure transactions and make the exchange process effortless for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies.
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