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United States
May 09, 24

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Morris J
United States
Oct 09, 22

It has a very rich voice library

The platform has a very rich voice library. That's the main reason I chose to use it. It has hundreds of AI voices to choose from. It helps me to execute different TTS projects. I identified a unique voiceover for each of these projects. I recommend it without any reservations.

United Kingdom
Oct 07, 22

Easy to create voiceovers

I like the fact that I can navigate the platform and find what I need without getting stuck. Converting text to voice is straightforward. I simply copy and paste my text onto the editor. The editor offers quite a number of options to customize the audio and all these are easy to use. I always end up with great voiceovers for my videos.

Oct 05, 22

I had a very good experience with CreateAIvoiceovers

I had a very good experience with What appealed to me at first contact with this text to speech tool was the high quality voices available and the diversity of accents and languages. The platform has helped me to complete a number of multi-language voice projects besides others. I will be using it for my future projects because it is worth it.

Regina M.
Oct 03, 22

Natural sounding voices

Since I started using, I have not used another text to audio converter because I am so impressed by this service. What I like most is that the AI voices I have used sound like real human voices. I have since found a voice and accent that resonates with my audience. I recommend Createaivoiceovers 100%.

About CreateAIvoiceovers
Information written by the company leverages the latest speech synthesis technology to create 100% natural-sounding AI voices. This online text-to-audio generator accurately mimics the tone, pitch, and pace of real human voices. CreateAIvoiceovers makes voiceover production incredibly fast and cost-effective. It is best for a wide range of text to speech projects. These include business promotions, explainer videos, presentations, podcast intros, E-learning, marketing videos, documentaries, games, audiobooks, animations, and voiceovers for people with visual impairment or reading disability.
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